My Personal Rules and Ethics

I have always enjoyed reading about other Pagans’ personal rules, since they can vary so greatly. The following is my own set, which I have in my Book of Shadows. There is quite a bit of repetition in it, since I struggle with some factors more than others (such as setting healthy boundaries between myself and others). In the past, I focused too much on helping others to my own eventual detriment, and so you’ll see this expressed multiple times throughout. Some of the rules I also struggle to follow, such as being open about what I believe with others. I’m trying my best to better live up to these rules as of late, however.

My Rules and Ethics

Do your best not to harm others intentionally. Try not to harm others unintentionally as well, but understand you are part of a giant web, and sometimes, mistakes will happen. Try to live well, respect others, and take care of yourself.

Listen to others, but know you have the final say over your life, beliefs, and actions.

Take responsibility for your actions and life. No one else controls you; only you have the power to decide how you live.

Tragedies and obstacles will appear, but you are always in control of your reactions.

Always seek to better yourself. Understand stagnation is comfortable, but ultimately fruitless. Push your boundaries and find new limits. When mistakes happen, embrace them as opportunities for learning.

Never give away your power. Your strength and freedom is your own.

Respect others’ beliefs, thoughts, and feelings, but not to the extent that they override your own. You are also a person, and you are also deserving of respect.

Try to help others, but realize you are also in need of care. Never focus on others to the extent you make yourself miserable. Others are important, but you are as well. Find a balance.

You can never please everyone. There are 7 billion people in this world; do your best to be polite, but understand there is only so much to be done.

Never take someone’s words at face value. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself. If something doesn’t seem right, analyze why, no matter how strongly the other party may feel about their opinions.

Practice gratitude daily. Thank the gods and higher powers for all they have done for you.

Live honestly and in a forthright manner. Do not hide what you believe or who you are.

Do not cast spells or prayers to harm others. Focus on yourself, when possible.

If someone’s actions are hurting yourself or others, you may protect yourselves or them. Do your best to word it in a way which doesn’t bring specific harm to the person, but protects people, throws the negativity back at the party who created it (since it came from them, you may send it back), or exposes the truth.

Always finish every spell with, “Let this be true only if it harms none, is meant to be, and is for the good of all.”

You may cast positive general spells/prayers for people, such as healing, happiness, and safety. Always finish with your safety catch. Anything more specific or iffy, and ask for permission first.

Your beliefs are your own. Worship any deity or being you please. Practice however you want. Spirituality is personal; you do not need to cast aside something that works for you because it offends others. Actual harm is the only factor you must avoid (such as murder, assault, theft, lying, cheating, slander, etc.). Anything beyond that is subjective and up to you to decide.

Only you will be held accountable for your actions.

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